Report: Alex Rodriguez and others connected to Biogenesis may consider plea deal

The latest news surrounding Major League Baseball’s investigation into players connected to Biogenenis clinic comes from Bill Madden and Teri Thompson of the New York Daily News.

According to their report filed Saturday night, New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez and his legal representation may be considering a plea deal offered by MLB during their meeting in Tampa on Friday. It‘s believed similar offers have been made to other players that MLB has talked to during their investigation, and an agreement could significantly reduce the looming suspensions, which according to the report may be set at a historic length for A-Rod.

Here's more from Daily News:

According to the sources, a 150-game suspension might be the best that could be expected for Rodriguez, who is rehabbing from hip surgery with high Single-A Tampa and was chastised by the Yankees Saturday for failing to report to the team’s complex for Friday night’s game following a four-and-a-half hour meeting with MLB officials who outlined their case against him.

MLB's Joint Drug Agreement states that players are to be suspended 50 games for a first violation, 100 games for a second, and receive a lifetime ban for a third. 150 games would definitely be a first under the agreement, but it's not known if that's the exact deal on the table for every player or if they're framing their punishments based on a players involvement with the clinic.

With that in mind, the Daily News adds the following:

As The News has reported, MLB is believed to have extensive evidence, including Bosch’s own testimony, that Rodriguez committed multiple violations of the joint drug agreement, including acquiring performance-enhancing drugs from Bosch for several years. The self-described “biochemist” has been cooperating with MLB for several weeks in exchange for being dropped from baseball’s lawsuit against him for tortious interference with its player contracts, indemnifying him for legal expenses and putting in a good word for him with law enforcement, and he is believed to have provided proof of his dealings with Rodriguez.

“I can see a scenario where if they’ve got multiple offenses (against A-Rod) that rather than going for his career with an arbitrator, baseball might settle on something like 150 games,” said one of the sources.

That explains why A-Rod would be very interested in that plea deal if it's on the table.

Obviously, we'll be keeping an eye on the developments as they continue to unfold, but it does feel like we might — I stress, might — be getting close to a resolution. I think that's something we've all been bargaining to have happen for several months now.

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