Report: Harold Reynolds and Tom Verducci will replace Tim McCarver on Fox

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Fox released its MLB broadcasting schedule Thursday, listing all the games it will air this season on Fox and Fox Sports 1. Fox is essentially doubling its baseball coverage, and thus the first sentence of its announcement declared, "MLB on FOX is a whole new ballgame."

While that's true, Fox's announcement didn't hit on the most intriguing new addition for 2014. Who's going to replace Tim McCarver next to Joe Buck in the broadcast booth? The two had been together since 1996 as baseball's premier TV broadcasting duo. Now McCarver has retired (nationally, at least) and Buck needs a co-pilot. Who's it going to be, Fox? The season's right around the corner, you know. 

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Way back in November, after McCarver called his final World Series game, MLB Network's Harold Reynolds was reported as the frontrunner for the gig. Sports Illustrated's Tom Verducci was also near the top of the list.

According to a new report from The Big Lead, Fox will be adding both of them. The Big Lead's sources say Reynolds and Verducci will join Buck in the World Series. While their story doesn't explicitly say they'd be joining Buck during Fox's flagship Saturday broadcasts, that would be the logical precursor to them calling the World Series. And adding two people would make sense, given Fox doubling its coverage.

We're still awaiting the official announcement from Fox, but for now, we're left to wonder: (1) Will baseball fans who didn't enjoy McCarver like Reynolds any better? (2) Who will MLB Network get to replace Reynolds in his old-school-vs.-new-school clash with Brian Kenny every day? (3) Will Tom Verducci's hair be as perfect as ... never mind, the answer is yes, no matter what the rest of the question was.

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