Rene Lachemann hands out souvenir and gives another classic lecture

Colorado Rockies first base coach Rene Lachemann has become known for handing out souvenir baseballs to young fans, both home and away, but first they must sit through a lecture as the 48 year baseball veteran offers up life advice and instills a bit of his wisdom. It has become a daily routine for Lachemann, and often times it'll happen more than once during a game, but it never ceases to be entertaining once he gets on a roll.

On Thursday afternoon in Philadelphia, he got on a roll, and thankfully the folks at Comcast Sports Nets in Philly had a camera and microphone handy so they could document it all on film.

Trust me, it’s a must watch video. And not just for the message, because Lachemann's delivery is entertaining as well.

Among the highlights:

• "When your dad says takes out the trash, you take it out. When your mother says clean your room up, you clean it up."

• "When you go to the bathroom, lift the toilet seat up. Don't be peeing on the toilet seat."

• "Don't do that either (play video games) or you'll be a dumb--- like this rest of these idiots (pointing to the players) out here. All they do is play video games."

• "Eat up all of your vegetables."

• "You go ahead and sit on down to watch the Rockies come back and whip up the Phillies."

The last part didn't come true as the Rockies ended up falling to Philadelphia 5-4 , but everything was else was sage advice.

As I've said before, Lachemann has basically seen and done it all over his 48 years in baseball. But the what I take away most from his interactions with the young fans are simply this: Through it all, he's never lost his zest for the game and his appreciation for the fans, which is refreshing. But perhaps most importantly, he's never lost his sense of humor.

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