Reminder: ‘The Next Knuckler’ is here. Are you pulling for Flutie?

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Finally! After being years of trying to avoid (not always successfully) my wife's "The Real Housewives of Where Ever" habit, the baseball fan in me has a reality TV show I can make her suffer through.

MLB Network's "The Next Knuckler" debuts Wednesday night. Here's a new clip from the show, wherein former quarterbacks learn to make a baseball dance under the tutelage of knuckleball wizard Tim Wakefield.

If you missed our first "Knuckler" post, the show includes five former college/pro QBs: Doug Flutie, David Greene, Josh Booty, J.D. Booty and Ryan Perrilloux. One of them gets an invite to Arizona Diamondbacks training camp at the end. (Whoever wins better listen to Miguel Montero).

Doug Flutie seems like the obvious favorite, right? The Heisman winner, the fan favorite, Mr. Hail Mary. All that is enough to make me think that there's no way Flutie actually wins. It's reality TV. It needs more drama. It needs a star to fall. Sorry, Doug, that's you.

I've been crunching numbers and doing knuckleball geometry and I'm ready to release the Stew's official predictions for "The Next Knuckler." (OK, so maybe I just watched the video above and did a Google search for each guy, whatever).

• Fifth place: John David Booty. (He's an ex-USC quarterback. They're practically allergic to winning.)
• Fourth: David Greene. (He doesn't want to go back to selling insurance right away).
• Third: Ryan Perrilloux. (He probably needs "redemption" the most. Another great reality TV thread to pull on).
• Second: Doug Flutie. (As noted above, he has a certain magic to him, so you can't count him out).
• First: Josh Booty. (A former pro baseball player and quarterback gets a second chance at the big leagues. It's R.A. Dickey Pt. 2, perfect for reality TV).

Spring training is here. Stretch out with us.
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