Reefer madness! Piniella goes way back to make a drug reference

Lou Piniella has a lot to worry about with these Chicago Cubs of 2009. Look, the club has endured key injuries, lineup holes and underperformaning stars, and all under the glare of big expectations.

So, when the news broke earlier this week alleging former Cubs star Sammy Sosa(notes) tested positive for performance enhancers, Lou threw up his hands.

"I wasn't here then," Piniella said. "It's a shame that baseball keeps going back to the past."

Lou continued on that theme for about 90 seconds before reaching into the past, himself, for a very old (also hilarious) term to describe another kind of illicit drug use.

After the jump, check the video by MouthpieceSports:

"I wouldn't know a steroid from a reefer," Piniella said.

Reefer! What is this, 1933? Is Lou an old jazz man?

Putting aside for a moment that Lou really is ignorant on the differences between PEDs and "Mary Jane," it's just plain funny that he picked out the wackiest synonym for what some call weed, pot, grass, dope, cannabis, hash, bud, roach, ganja and hemp.

Well, maybe "ganja" is funniest.

Here's to ya', Lou. You're one hep cat, daddy-o. Hope you stay one toke behind the line this season.