New Reds manager Bryan Price establishes stricter facial hair policy

Well, it appears the Cincinnati Reds are already taking a hard stance against Big League Stew's new Beard Watch feature. According to Jamie Ramsey, the Reds' Assistant Director of Media Relations, new manager Bryan Price has instituted a new facial hair policy that will limit the lengths players can go to with their beards.

While it's a stricter policy for the Reds, the good news is they aren't erring on the side of the New York Yankees by taking away beards altogether. The freedom to grow a beard remains, as it should, but it has to be kept within reason.

For example. This would constitute a reasonable beard. Or at least it should if the Reds ever hope to land and keep David Price.

The "Duck Dynasty" beard is not a fit, according to Ramsey's tweet.


The Boston Red Sox beards not so much. In fact, they're probably the inspiration behind Bryan Price's decision to tweak the policy.

It's actually kind of interesting to see how the different teams view facial hair, travel attire and things of that nature. The Yankees all business approach and appearance is well known and fits the model of their organization from top to bottom. Naturally, the Red Sox, New York's biggest rivals, were on the opposite end of the spectrum last season. Their far less than business like look didn't harm their performance, however. Some would even say it brought them closer together and somehow inspired their performance.

Who knows, there may be some shred of truth in that thought process. If so, it's not enough to convince Price. It seems he believes the tamer look actually does more for the team atmosphere.

In all honesty, it's probably not the worst philosophy in the world. At times last season the Red Sox beards were the story, at that sidebar was fine for them. For a team like Cincinnati, keeping the focus on baseball and getting past the St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates should be and will be priority one effective immediately.

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