Reds introduce ‘Los Rojos’ alternate jerseys

Kevin Kaduk
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The Cincinnati Reds held their annual "Redsfest" over the weekend and the biggest happening — other than Bronson Arroyo's Goo Goo Dolls cover or Mat Latos' Justin Bieber impression — was the introduction of the team's new alternate jersey.

That's it to the right here. The Reds will wear the "Los Rojos" tops on select dates this season as they follow other teams into the world of Spanish-themed jerseys.

From a Fashion Ump standpoint, we love the idea of giving a nod to the team's Hispanic players and fans, but hate the actual execution. Piping has become a pox in the world of baseball uniforms and the "Los" doesn't make any sense. Not only is the team's name not "The Reds," but searching for "Los Rojos" on the Internet produces the Wikipedia entry of a Mexican drug cartel as the first result. Given that the Reds own one of the more popular hats among our nation's gang members, it doesn't take too much of a leap to believe the team will profit from ne'er-do-wells  who have never even heard of Joey Votto or Brandon Phillips.

Bottom line: Take away the piping and the "Los" while resizing the "Rojos" and you have a winner. This version, though, is "meh."


"We'll use it throughout the season at home games, with exact dates not determined," said Phil Castellini, Reds chief operating officer. "We might also do it on the road, for example, if we're in Milwaukee at the same time they're doing their Hispanic Heritage night."

Karen Forgus, Reds senior vice president of business operations, said the team received feedback from fans before choosing the new jersey.

"We found there's an appetite with our fans that they love things with Los Rojos on it, because it's fun," Forgus said. "We're not changing our main uniform. This is an alternate."

There will undoubtedly be fans who love "things with Los Rojos on it," but they don't seem to be hanging out with the "fed up" commenters on who hate the jersey more on xenophobic grounds than a sartorial stance. Not surprisingly, there are some over there who are saying "this country is going to hell in a hand basket" because of these new jerseys. One even suggests a boycott is in order for each game they're worn.

Of course, it also stands to reason those people are probably the ones who will be cheering the loudest when Johnny Cueto or Aroldis Chapman take the mound next season.  'Murica!

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