Red Sox owner John Henry says Marlins ‘should apologize for regular season lineup’

The spring training flap between the Boston Red Sox and Miami Marlins appeared to reach a cordial conclusion when Boston general manager Ben Cherington apologized for sending a predominantly minor league lineup to Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, FL on Thursday.

However, one tweet from Boston Red Sox owner John Henry on Saturday afternoon may rekindle the flame.

As noted, the flap stems from Thursday's Grapefruit League game. The Marlins were far from pleased with Boston's lineup because for that spring training game only they put "super premium" prices into effect so their fans would have to pay more to see Boston's cast of all-stars play. It seemed like a safe deal for them, since by rule the Red Sox were required to bring at least four major leaguers to the game. Just having four there would likely satisfy the paying customer, but instead the Red Sox disregarded the rule and the Marlins in turn had the league review their actions.

Even though his team was technically in the wrong — they aren't the first and won't be the last to disregard the rule — John Henry apparently didn't take too kindly to Miami's reaction. After digesting the situation for 48 hours, his response was a seemingly out-of-nowhere tweet that serves as an obvious swipe at Marlins' owner Jeffrey Loria's typically cheap business practices and constantly rebuilding lineups.

Really, if he was going to wait 48 hours to respond, he probably could have come up with a little more creative attack. Then again, sometimes going the easy and obvious route is most effective. Based on the immediate reaction the tweet received, Henry made the right call in that regard.

But here's another twist in the story that only adds more sizzle to the story. At one time, Henry actually owned the Marlins before selling them to Loria in 2002. That deal opened the door for Henry to buy the Red Sox, and it also served as the death knell in the Montreal Expos, as Loria's departure left them without ownership.

There's a lot of history between these men. Not much of it is pretty when you consider their business dealings led to a city losing their ballclub, And based on this swipe it's not about to get better anytime soon.

By the way, the Marlins and Red Sox are scheduled to meet up again on Tuesday afternoon. This time it will be a scheduled split squad game for Boston.

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