Red Sox fan makes slick barehanded catch of line drive foul ball

I’m sure this Boston Red Sox fan was icing his left hand once the adrenaline wore off, but he didn’t feel a thing on Friday night when he casually reached up and snatched Brett Gardner’s blistering line drive foul ball with his bare hand.

As you know, the fact that he wasn’t wearing a glove makes me cringe. I always have and always will encourage fans to bring their mitt to the park, especially if they’re sitting in a prime foul ball location like this fan was. But hey, when a guy can make a grab like this one in such a casual manner, I’ll gladly tip my cap. It’s well deserved.

Now, here are two other factors of note that make this particular catch especially impressive.

1. His right hand was occupied by some sort of snack, meaning he had to corral that liner with his left hand only and couldn’t afford to lose his balance or bobble. To his credit, he did neither. And we assume he went right back to snacking once he stopped giving high fives.

2. Check out the concentration. That baseball ended up traveling through and around several different hands before somehow settling right in the palm of his hand. Even the slightest tip could have changed its direction and changed the outcome, likely for the worse.

Even with those points in his favor, I have to admit it wasn’t the most daring or spectacular fan grab we’ve seen this season. It also wasn't the most painful attempt. But it was certainly worthy of our acknowledgment.

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