The Red Sox are embracing their beards, but are scruffy faces giving the team a black eye?

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

The Boston Red Sox have fully embraced their beardedness this season. Since Brian Wilson's injury and subsequent move to the Dodgers, baseball's facial hair hierarchy has shifted and Boston seemed as good a choice as any to be the epicenter of baseball beards.

When you're the Red Sox — who were in last place a year ago and have the best record in baseball today — embracing something goofy like facial hair adds to the last-to-first charge. And it's another thing that separates the team from their bitter rivals, the New York Yankees, who have a strict policy against facial hair.

The Red Sox went so far as to offer $1 tickets to Wednesday's game to anyone who arrived at Fenway Park in a beard, real or fake. The results, as you can see below, were amusing.

Fun. And effective. The Red Sox sold out Wednesday night's game. But not all in Red Sox land are enjoying the beardification of the team this season. Rebecca Reid, from Easthampton, Mass., about 100 miles from Boston, penned this letter to the editor of The Springfield Republican admonishing the Red Sox for their facial hair, which is a very 1950s thing to do. She wrote:

Should the Bruins, Celtics and or Patriots be in first place well into the second half of their respective seasons and considered title contenders, let’s hope the vast majority of their players do not decide to grow beards.

This activity by most Red Sox players is giving Boston and New England a black eye and is very unprofessional.

Unprofessional? Black eye? Sounds like somebody needs to start rooting for the Yankees.

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