Red contacts! Bryce Harper eyes different look

David Brown
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Is Bryce Harper the newest cast member in those "Twilight" movies? Nope, he's still a ballplayer. He just has red eyes now. Harper came into Game 3 of the NLDS with one hit and six strikeouts in 10 at-bats. No, he hasn't been overanxious at the plate! Why do you ask? But he probably wanted to change something up in order to get going for the rest of the series.

Naturally, the 19-year-old phenom inserted red contact lenses Wednesday to cover up his naturally baby blue eyes.

These kids in Major League Baseball today, with their scary makeup, funny haircuts and red devil eyes! Would that nice boy Tim Tebow ever wear red devil eyes? No, he would not.

Well, he actually might, if it helped him see. Harper's lenses, as MLB Network reporter Sam Ryan and others pointed out, are tinted red in order to have a sunglasses-like effect. Nationals Park was awash in sunlight for the 1:07 p.m. ET first pitch, so it was as good of a time as any for Harper to go red. He's not only going for a Marilyn Manson shock effect here, people!

Harper started Game 3 by going 0 for 3, but he made solid contact and hit a deep fly in his first at-bat. He flied out in his second at-bat, too. Popped out for his third. Not ideal outcomes, but better than whiffing.

He's not the first pro athlete, or even baseball player, to wear tinted contacts. But he's Bryce Harper and Bryce Harper with red eyes makes for a compelling picture. As does this:

Josh Hamilton, Brandon Inge and Bronson Arroyo have tried the red-eye look, too. That's an impish grin on Inge, there.

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