The reason we keep watching baseball

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

Our good friend Aaron Hooks at Cards Diaspora just teased this recently released movie  as "The. Single. Greatest. World Series. Video. Ever." By Internet law, such a description requires the rest of us to click on the player to watch it:

How you viewed that video, I'm guessing, depends on which team you root for.

Most Cardinals fans have stopped reading this by now as they've run through the nearest wall in sheer celebration. Brewers, Cubs and Rangers fans aren't around, either, as they've all assumed the fetal position and started sobbing. Fans of the other 26 teams ... who knows?

But really, if you've ever bitten your nails in the moments before your team has won a championship or can strip the Cardinals' clips out of that video and only view the euphoric reactions, I'm guessing you think it was a well done video too. There's a reason why all of us watch the sport each season from the start of spring until the end of fall and it's all for the chance to thrust your arms in the air after the final out of a season.

Excuse me while I now go watch the fake Cubs win the World Series commercial.

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