Reader challenge: Give us your best fantasy baseball team names for the 2013 season

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Chances are, you're like me and you're getting ready to start your fantasy baseball season. The invite is sitting in my inbox. I just have to go sign up. My friends are waiting.

But I don't have a clever team name yet.

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise: This IS a crucial part of the fantasy baseball process. You can't just put a team on the (virtual) field with a stupid name. It reflects poorly on you as a manager, on your friends for choosing to include you and on the stars of your team. You think Mike Trout wants to play for a team calling itself Diamond Kings? (Yes, we assume he keeps track of such things).

So, as you get ready to join your Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball league and download this year's mobile app (out today, btw), let's gather 'round for a fantasy team name pow-wow.

We want to hear your best ones. Tell us in the comments here, on Twitter (@BigLeagueStew; use the #FantasyNameGame hashtag, if you wish) or on the Big League Stew Facebook page. We'll highlight some of the best ones in a follow-up post here on The Stew.

Before you start spouting off ideas, there are a few things I need to say about team-naming:

• Don't just settle for name puns. It's a go-to strategy — and a proven winner — but there's more to the game than replacing "auto" with "Votto" in common phrases.

• Make sure your references are timely. No BALCO talk. No "Call Me Maybin." I have Bryce Harper in my keeper league, but you can bet your fauxhawk that I won't be using a "Clown question, bro" reference in 2013.

• Keep it clean. At least for our sake. I had R.A. Dickey last year and had a few teams names that invoked his surname, but I won't share them here because I know better.

• You might wanna skim through the #BadFantasyMLBTeamNames going around on Twitter today, so you don't drop a faux-paus.

Good? Got it?

So best team names for 2013, let's hear 'em. Go!

Spring training is here. Stretch out with us.
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