Reader challenge: Jayson Werth and his beard need your memes

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Jayson Werth's beard is making a strong case this spring that it's the best in all of baseball. It's looking marvelous in Washington Nationals training camp. It has its own Twitter account. And, sorry Brian Wilson, you're not even on a team right now.

Add this to the epicness of Werth's beard: A glaring photo day shot that looks into your soul ... and just happens to be perfect for meme-ing.

All you gotta do is save this this bad boy, pop it into Photoshop or Overgram and add a funny saying or two or 10. Like this:

Send your best ones to @bigleaguestew on Twitter or post them on the Big League Stew Facebook page. We'll collect our favorites and post them on the site.

While you're thinking, here are five more stare-down pictures of Werth and his beard from photo day. Warning: #beardporn ahead.

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