Reader challenge: Confess your worst fantasy baseball trades

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

True story: In my long-running fantasy baseball league with my college friends, I drafted Evan Longoria his rookie year. It's a keeper league, so I'd probably still have Longoria today if not for one problem. I traded him.

Who did I get? Can't even tell you. It was a few guys. Russell Martin was one of them. It was a trade like the real GMs do, where they give up a young stud for three or four players who can help them win immediately. Only I didn't win then. And I don't have Evan Longoria now. Double loss.

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It's fantasy baseball season again, of course. So let's trudge up broken-hearted memories for this week's Big League Stew reader challenge. We've already had fun with Jayson Werth memes and fantasy team names. Now let's talk about the worst fantasy baseball trades you've made. Confess them to us. We won't mock you. Not publicly anyway.

But we will share some of the best worst trades in a follow-up post. Just consider us your fantasy baseball therapists. It'll make you feel better to share, we promise.

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