Reaction to Manny Ramirez’s first home run in Taiwan is priceless

David Brown
Big League Stew

If you don't miss Manny Ramirez playing in Major League Baseball, it's your loss. Or something. They just love him over in Taiwan, where he plays for the EDA Rhinos of the Chinese Professional Baseball League. Their regular season is into its second week, and Manny had yet to go deep — until the blast shown in the video above. Other than the home run itself, which includes a vintage follow-through by Ramirez (who always had an uncommonly pretty swing for a right-handed batter), the best part is the unhinged reaction by the broadcasters, who lose their religion as though their ice hockey team just beat the Russians at the Olympics.

Holy Johnny Cueto!

The other best part is where they'll stop talking in their native language and use North American English words — "TWO-RUN HOME RUUUUUUNNNN!" and "SEE YOU LATER! — to complete their sentences. Just hysterical.

When's the last time you got that excited about baseball?

If Manny is done playing ball in North America, maybe this thing will work out in the Far East and we can get regular highlights just as amusing as this one. Question: Do they test for PEDs in Taiwan? Asking for a friend.

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