The Rays say this World Series is going at least five games

The Tampa Bay Rays don't get mad.

They do, however, get even.

Facing a possible two-game deficit, the Rays got some timely hitting, or at least some productive outs, in a 4-2 victory against the Philadelphia Phillies in Game 2 of the World Series on Thursday night.

James "Big 17 Outs" Shields (you can't be "Big Game" James if you don't go at least six innings) got to tip his cap and David "The Right Is" Price finished off the Phils with 2 1/3 rocky-ish innings for a non-save save. Let's call it, a game finished, or, "GF."

The Series continues in Philadelphia, the city where all are beloved by their brother, on Saturday night.

Here are a few more thoughts on Game 2, which might include another mysterious call by umpire Kerwin Danley and the Phillies kicking themselves for not hitting with runners in scoring position:

That won't cut meat: The Phils went 0-for-13 in Game 1 and 1-for-15 in Game 2 with runners in scoring position, or as the SABREtooths call it, RISP. Yikes. Zoinkees, even. The Phillies stranded 11 runners, though it seemed like more. Maybe they should try kicking, instead of swinging. When asked by a TV interviewer about his prowess with Phillies in scoring position, Shields did not take the bait: "That's a great ballclub over there," Shields said. Good kid there.

Bo-ring!: The Rays scored their first two runs on grounders, with Carlos Pena and Evan Longoria hitting the ball into the turf with a runner at third base and less than two outs in the first inning. It's like offensive rebounding in basketball. Not necessarily pretty, but a great way to get points runs.

He's not Werthy: Jason Werth's error in right field set up one of the Rays runs, and he was later doubled off first base from right field with the Phils down 4-0.

Kerwin the frog here: Should ump Kerwin Danley recuse himself from umpiring the rest of the series? In Game 1, he missed what appeared to be a balk on Cole Hamels. OK, it's a judgment call and not the first time the world didn't agree on a balk. In Game 2, he appeared to call out Rocco Baldelli after a check swing but instead made a vague gesture toward the first base umpire, who did nothing, giving Rocco first base and setting off some Phillies confusion and probably giving the Rays a run they didn't deserve.