Rays set to unveil their alternative uniform for 2009

Here's James Shields wearing the Rays' new alternative jersey. The team will officially unveil the new threads later today and the new tops will first be worn at home in a May 1 game against the Red Sox.

Like most of baseball's other third jerseys, I'd say it isn't much to write home to St. Pete about. It's just a simple color change from the team's usual jersey and nowhere near as dramatic as the offseason switchups we've seen from the Red Sox, the Nationals and, uh, the Orioles. (Kidding on that last one.)

That much navy blue seems a bit weird, too.

Still, the Rays are already way ahead of the Mets pizza patch, the columbia blue thread is used in a nice measured dose and I like the way they're using the RAYS sunshine logo as a way to become a state and regional brand that isn't confined to the Tampa Bay area. That's smart marketing right there.

Also, I expect all of their shirts will be dressed up with some sort of patch commemorating their 2008 American League championship. Nice use of accessories, wouldn't you say?

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