Rays pitcher Joel Peralta pulls off rare sandwich/Camaro injury combo

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Try this: Tell your boss you can't work the rest of the day because you hurt your neck getting out of your car while getting a sandwich. Think the boss would buy it?

If this sounds like your kind of excuse, then you should get a job pitching for the Tampa Bay Rays. Relief pitcher Joel Peralta, according to Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times, got the day off from throwing on Wednesday after suffering this exact injury. In the process, Peralta added himself to the ever-growing Odd Baseball Injury list.

Unlike Pirates pitcher Francisco Liriano, who broke his arm while startling his kids, Peralta's injury shouldn't sideline him too long. Or, for that matter, potentially cost him $11.75 million -- unless he bought a REALLY big sandwich.

Here's where Peralta's story gets even better. Turns out he was driving a Camaro, which makes the injury slightly more plausible. Those things are low and Peralta is 36. Maybe it's time to admit something here, Joel: Camaros are a young man's car. Go get a Tahoe.

And, if by chance, you injured yourself eating from Subway, then you deserve all the mocking the Internet will give you. At least go to Togo's, man.

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