Rays invite 20-foot python to clubhouse in Chinese year of the snake

David Brown

The union of the snake was on the climb at Tropicana Field on Thursday, because the Tampa Bay Rays invited a 20-foot python named Asia into the home clubhouse.

Sounds like a Joe Maddon-Luke Scott collaboration, doesn't it? Between Maddon's progressive managing techniques and Scott's penchant for the outdoors, Asia would seem to be the perfect guest. Well, look at who's holding Asia now:

* * *

Fernando Rodney (on the left) better not hit Asia with any of his errant invisible arrows. And do you think Yunel Escobar is grateful for leaving Cuba? Castro never brought any giant snakes to the clubhouse there. Joel Peralta is on the right, no doubt greasing up the snakeskin with a foreign substance.

What a nice way to welcome back Alex Cobb to the starting rotation. Or maybe it's because it's the year of the snake on the old-school Chinese calendar. One of those two things. It's better than being the year of the rat. Ick. Either way, pythons always brought good luck for Hulk Hogan:

What does a newcomer to the world of the Rays think of all of the animal husbandry?

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