The Rays celebrate clinching their postseason spot with dancing and debauchery

The Tampa Bay Rays earned themselves a celebration Monday night by beating the Texas Rangers 5-2 in the AL wild card tiebreaker game. The Rays finally clinched a playoff spot after 163 games.

And celebrate they did, according to videos that Delmon Young posted on his Instagram account. They're a spectacular peak into a grooving Rays locker room, giving us the best clubhouse "So You Think You Can Dance?" moments since Yasiel Puig's worm.

For example, behold manager Joe Maddon in the middle of the dance floor, beer in hand.

Here's a quality dance line. Maddon has been known to employ a clubhouse DJ, but does he have "Soul Train" reruns on repeat too?

And here's .... well, you can see what's going on here. We hope someone bought that trash can dinner first.

Now it's on to Cleveland for the single-game elimination wild-card round. If the Rays can muster another win on Wednesday against the Indians, we demand to see Delmon Young himself bustin' a move.

The postseason is upon us. Spend it with The Stew.
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