Rapper Lil Wayne sings ‘Take Me Out To The Ball Game’ — and Ryan Theriot helped to make it happen (Video)

David Brown
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SAN FRANCISCO — It is written in some holy texts that when the folk music legend Kingston Trio, Metallica frontman James Hetfield and rap star Lil Wayne converge on the home ballpark of the San Francisco Giants in October of 2012, the apocalypse soon will follow.

And look at this: We got Game 7 of the NLCS coming up Monday night, with the Giants taking on the St. Louis Cardinals for a World Series berth. It might not be the end of the world, but it should be pretty crazy-go-nuts around AT&T Park. Rain permitting.

But in Game 6, the Giants took pains to ensure that all sorts of musical tastes were represented at the McCovey Cove Center for the Performing Arts. The current version of The Trio sang "The Star-Spangled Banner," and Hetfield gave a rousing pep talk that Hunter Pence would have loved. It included the following question:

"Are you ready to kick some Cardinals ass?!" (It turns out the Giants were ready.)

And then there was Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., who had given a Twitter shout-out to Theriot after the Giants won Game 5 in St. Louis on Friday:

Both men are from Louisiana (Theriot is from Baton Rouge and Wayne is from New Orleans) and met each other "through friends of friends. Long story," Theriot said.

You can judge for yourself Wayne's effort on "Take Me Out To The Ball Game." Hey, it's a hard song to sing, especially standing out there in front of nearly 50,000 people with no auto-tuner. After Game 6, Theriot gave a tough assessment of Wayne's performance:

"Well, I heard it," Theriot said. "We're going to have to talk about the melody just a touch, a little bit. Know what I mean? His teeth looked good."

Sometimes, it's your true homies that have to level with you. Yo. Hey, he got the words right, at least.

Theriot said he got Wayne tickets to the game and, because of Theriot's experience with the Cubs booking guest singers for the Seventh Inning Stretch, the rest just fell into place.

Theriot, who also contributed a pinch-hit RBI single in San Francisco's 6-1 victory, added that he was "glad" for Wayne that he got to see Ryan Vogelsong dominate for seven innings.

And just so it's on the record, here's Hatfield doing the Hook 'Em Horns gesture:

Before anybody says anything, I'm KIDDING.


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