Rangers World Series title gear will be shipped overseas

While the San Francisco Giants enjoy the spoils of a World Series title — parade, late-night appearances, calls from heads of state — the Texas Rangers are dealing with the time-honored traditions of being baseball's runner-up in the 2010 postseason.

Namely, getting ready to ship a bunch of inaccurate World Series champions T-shirts to the Third World.

As reported by the Dallas Morning News, 300 T-shirts and 300 hats hailing the Rangers as 2010 World Series champions are being donated by Major League Baseball to World Vision. The international humanitarian group will then distribute them to impoverished people across the globe.

This is nothing new, of course, and the jokes about the Buffalo Bills being revered as a dynasty in parts of Africa have been floating around awhile.

What I found interesting, though, is that baseball's donation will be smaller than what the organization received for the University of Texas' ill-fated run to the BCS Championship (roughly 14,000 T-shirts).

The reason being that the Rangers didn't win enough games to let the mass production begin. The 300 T-shirts in question were made especially for the Texas clubhouse celebration that never happened.

From the Dallas Morning News:

"When a series goes to six or seven games, retailers start buying pre-printed goods to sell in the event of a clinch, which means that more incorrect goods get donated to World Vision," Fields said.

"Because both of the championship series in 2010 went to six games and the World Series was decided in Game 5, the donation will be smaller this year," he said.

Because only one series has gone past five games since 2004 — last year's tilt between the Yankees and Phillies — that means that something other than FOX's ratings are suffering from the abbreviated series. Nice work, Fall Classic losers.

UPDATE: I'm told that the LCS haul from the Phillies and Yankees is rather nice and will fill out the shipment rather nicely. So, nice work, Philadelphia and New York!

On a completely separate note, would it be a real bother to mix in a few accurate Giants championship T-shirts in with the care package? I know the people receiving these clothes are appreciative of anything they receive and probably don't know the difference. But what would it hurt — other than MLB's bottom line — to let them pimp some gear from the real champs?

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