Rangers won’t show Ventura pummeling before White Sox games

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Ever since his Texas Rangers collapsed over the final two games of the World Series last week, Nolan Ryan says he hasn't watched the disappointing replay of David Freese's triple sailing over Nelson Cruz's head in the ninth inning of Game 6. He doesn't plan to, either.

But while Ryan concedes he may accidentally see the replay while watching something else, everyone's favorite fireballer says he's going to make dang sure that another highlight won't be played when the Chicago White Sox come to opening day at Rangers Ballpark next April.

That, of course, would be the clip of Ryan pummeling new White Sox manager Robin Ventura back during a game in 1993. Chuck Morgan, the team's vice president of ballpark entertainment, has made the highlight a pregame mainstay to get the crowd fired up, but Ryan recently told radio host Randy Galloway that the reel will likely get a courtesy edit before Ventura's arrival.

From ESPN Dallas (audio): {YSP:MORE}

Nolan: Chuck has a pretty good history of showing that [Ventura highlight] on the screen before the game starts, but I don't think he'll be able to do that opening day in 2012.

Galloway: With Robin Ventura coming in [on opening day], he probably wouldn't have taken the job if he knew he was going to open in Arlington. Will you tell Chuck not to play that?

Nolan: Well, I think out of fairness to Robin and out of respect to him, I think we probably shouldn't show that when he's in town.

So it looks like the reel will get, as Rob Neyer is fond of typing, a "<snip>."

I'm sure this revelation might disappoint some Rangers fans out there, but given the excellent hospitality I was shown the last two World Series, I'm not surprised by Ryan's display of class and respect in this instance.

Then again, I can't also help but think that this might be part of Ryan's grand plan. Ventura and the White Sox will go down there for opening day, again lulled into thinking that the ol' Ryan Express has grown soft. All bark and no bite. Then — BAM! — it'll be right back into the headlock as Ventura finds the wrong end of an Arlington uppercut.

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