Rangers reporter seeks revenge after Elvis Andrus drapes towel over camera (Video)

The best field reporters are the ones who don't give an inch, the ones who stand their ground and get their segment completed using any means necessary. At any rate, we can add Emily Jones of Fox Sports Southwest to that list of resilient reporters after she quickly responded to Elvis Andrus' attempt to block her camera shot on Wednesday night.

Jones' method of retaliation after the Texas Rangers shortstop used a towel to interrupt her standup at Rangers Ballpark? A spray water bottle.


Though the broadcasters in the booth and the MLB.com video initially fingered right fielder Nelson Cruz as the culprit for the interruption, Jones later took to Twitter and identified Andrus as the troublemaker she attempted to correct like he was a disobedient Labrador.

But while Andrus responded with an assertion that the Rangers dugout loves its reporter, Jones jokingly said she was going to upgrade her ammo if they even thought about doing it again:

Yep, it's all fun and games until someone misses an at-bat because they're flushing Tabasco from their eyes. And it'd certainly bring a new meaning to playing pepper.

Seriously, though, it's nice to see two camps getting through the end of a hot and humid summer by having a bit of fun with each other. Kudos to Jones for not skipping a beat and giving it right back. It made for a good bit of television.

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