Rangers outfielder Leonys Martin dazzles with his arm — again

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Back in August, when Texas Rangers outfielder Leonys Martin threw out two Milwaukee Brewers runners at third base in the same game, teammate Matt Garza was flabbergasted. Not that Martin nailed those guys, but that runners still try to test the 25-year-old, who continues to impress in his first full season with the Rangers.

"I don't know why guys still run on him," Garza told ESPN Dallas back then. "That's what I said to the guys, 'why do they still run on him?' ... I'd just stopped running on him. I just stay. If the ball is anywhere near him, I'd just stay with one base. It's not even worth it. It's awesome to have that kind of arm out there."

Martin proved again it Monday night in the Rangers' game against the Tampa Bay Rays. Apparently Tampa hadn't fully comprehended the "Don't run on Leonys Martin" message. He nailed Yunel Escobar on a rocket throw to the plate in the third inning, preventing Escobar from scoring from second base on a single.

It's fun to watch Martin cannonizing opposing base runners. And you can spend a little while doing it. See for yourself. Here is Martin's greatest hits collection from this season:

It's worth repeating: Don't run on Leonys Martin

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