How are Rangers fans dealing with their current situation?

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ST. LOUIS — It's probably worth noting that not everyone woke up on Friday with the happy and warm fuzzies still buzzing from Thursday night's incredible Game 6 of the World Series. Some of those among us are also Texas Rangers fans and there aren't many worse ways to get your heart wrung out and stomped on if you're a baseball fan.

Because I was curious how a fan base deals with the disappointment of being one strike away on not one, but two occasions, I went over to read Jamey Newberg, who plays pied piper for Rangers fans over on The Newberg Report. I was kind of surprised to find out that he's still optimistic heading into Friday night's Game 7, but then again, maybe that's the only way you can deal with something like this.

Writes Newberg:  {YSP:MORE}

Texas can win the World Series tonight.

And as difficult as last night was to take, a great and terrible baseball game that I will never make any effort to watch again, I don't know how an opportunity to do that can be anything other than awesome.

I need the Rangers to put me on their back tonight. They've more than earned my faith.

Newberg is right, of course. While the Cardinals are busy counting all the things they've got going for them as they aim for title No. 11, the Rangers also possess positives as they shoot for title No. 1. Each team will also have to deal with injuries (Matt Holliday's out for the Cards, neither Nelson Cruz nor Mike Napoli will be 100 percent for the Rangers) and so it seems like Friday night's game will be impossible to predict. As Newberg notes, there are 28 other teams who'd kill to be in Texas' position. They might as well enjoy the ride.

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