Rangers' C.J. Wilson struggles with hair control on live television

C.J. Wilson(notes) spent most of Tuesday in Bristol, Conn., visiting every last dang program ESPN produces, from "First Take" all of the way up to "Last Rites with Beano Cook" (not a real program, but it could be).

Few professional athletes comport themselves as comfortably on camera as Wilson does, though Mr. Straight Edge Racer lost control — at least of his hair — by the time he joined ESPN News' "The Beat" with Bram Weinstein in the afternoon.

And if we learned anything new about his life with the Texas Rangers, it's that Ceej needs a haircut.

"I got a serious hair thing going on here — sorry about that," Wilson said as patted a budding cowlick into place.

Unflappable, C.J. didn't even seem to mind when asked for the eleventy billionth time about Cliff Lee(notes), saying he was a great influence and the best lefty Wilson's ever been around.

"Here's the thing — I have better hair. Other than this thing going on," Wilson said.

The guy can think on his feet. And about his hair. If the Rangers aren't careful, they're going to lose him to a coast. He does have a Hollywood look about him:

He kind of resembles Carter from "E.R." Add the boyish good looks to the witty reparté, and Wilson will be out of the rotation and hosting "Good Morning, San Diego," before you know it.

Check out more C.J. on the "Greenberg & Golic" show.

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