Rangers announcer Dave Barnett undergoes tests after strange speech during game

Kevin Kaduk
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Texas Rangers television announcer Dave Barnett will miss at least two games after a strange on-air incident that had him mysteriously referring to "fifth" base,  a "botched robbery" and "henchmen" during Monday's game between the Rangers and San Diego Padres.

"Good Morning America" has the report on the 54-year-old broadcaster:

A statement from the Rangers said that Barnett believes that migraine-related symptoms were to blame. He was able to finish calling the rest of the contest, but he'll be using the rest of this time off to be evaluated for more serious problems, like a possible stroke.

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You might remember that Los Angeles television reporter Serene Branson had similar concerns after she inexplicably broke into some gibberish during a 2011 Grammys broadcast. Migraine-related symptoms were found to be the cause of her incident, so let's hope for the same relatively good news — and a speedy return to the booth — for Barnett.

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