Random photos from the archives: Tommy Lasorda

Today marks Tommy Lasorda's 82nd birthday and everyone is celebrating. Over in Washington, they installed a portrait of Lasorda into the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery, right next to an Andy Warhol of Ted Kennedy and across from Shepard Fairey's Obamicon of Obama. (Anyone who knows Lasorda's politics will find that funny.)

Meanwhile, Cub Hub is marking the date with a hilarious and profane audio clip of Lasorda talking about Dave Kingman and Wezen-Ball remembers when Ricky and Alfonso stocked up on Tommy Lasorda cards in a memorable episode of "Silver Spoons."

Here on the Stew, we're sending Tommy our best wishes by making him the focus of our latest random photos feature. Enjoy 'em tonight with a plate of your favorite pasta.

All photos are from the AP. To read descriptions, visit the Flickr set.

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