Rajai Davis swings at pitch in dirt and way, way, WAY outside

David Brown
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Way outside.

Anybody who ever went to a batting cage and got a little tired knows what it's like. You've put in your quarters or tokens, taken most of your hacks and you're nearing the end of your session. The robot pitcher lets one fly and it's low and outside and you practically throw your bat at the ball because of Batting Cage Fatigue. You hope it's endearing to your date, but it's mostly embarrassing.

On which side do you fall in the case of Rajai Davis, Professional Major League Batsman for the Toronto Blue Jays? In the eighth inning Thursday afternoon, he swung at a 2-1 pitch in the dirt from Cleveland's Cody Allen that was so far outside, it might have hit someone crowding the plate from the left-handed batter's box. Or was it the on-deck circle?

To his possible credit, it even sounded like Davis might have made contact in the form of a foul tip off the end, but it just might be the ball hitting a pebble five feet in front of the plate. Regardless, it has to he the worst swing of 2013 — or the "most futile" is a better way of putting it — and it probably is the least-effective swing since John Kruk gave up against Randy Johnson in the 1993 All-Star Game:

That was a surrender. Davis thought Allen's pitch was somewhere near the plate. It's not the kind of hack anybody wants to take on 2 and 1. But it's still legendary in it's own way.

Davis doesn't have the worst strikeout numbers in the world, either in raw or averaged amounts, but he does swing at pitches outside of the strike zone about 4 percent more than the average player. So he'll let it fly, as he did against Allen, who ended the at-bat with a strikeout.

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