Rainbow bright: Miami Marlins new uniforms (maybe) leak

David Brown
Big League Stew

Considering the Miami Marlins cap photo that leaked to the Internet in September turns out to be the real deal, these uniform sketches featuring a veritable (and literal) rainbow of colors seem legit. Leaked to the Jock Talk Blog at Outsports (yes, that's "out" as in LGBT), the drawings purport to show the new Marlins threads.

To borrow a theme: if they are real, these clothes might want to go back in the closet. Although ... the orange in particular kind of recalls the University of Miami baseball uniforms. The Fish could associate themselves with worse teams.

The uniforms could be bogus, or just an educated guess. Earlier in the evening, I happened upon a post by Dayn Perry at NotGraphs which purports to show different, but similar, Marlins uniforms: {YSP:MORE}

Four new caps in total? Over-market much? These two caps really look like Hurricane-wear (at least to a colorblind person). Notice, however, the enlargements of the caps do not feature the fish body logo that the other caps and uniforms do. Could be the sign of a fake. Or just a subtle difference. Or maybe they forgot to add the fish. It's the Marlins, after all. They forget stuff.

The Fish themselves have been tight-lipped about the expected changes to their uniforms, and won't unveil them officially until Friday. Will the new unis be so rainbow-y? The Marlins players won't care, as long as there's also a pot of gold, or some kind of metaphor for success they can achieve while wearing them.

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