Rafael Furcal orders up a whopper of a free agency story

Shortly after asking this young Russian McDonald's worker to fetch him a Quarter Pounder value meal with a Diet Coke — easy on the ice — Rafael Furcal went running back to Burger King to see if they'd give him another Whopper like the one he had just finished.

Said the McD's worker: "I think you have to be upset with the turn of events. We don't do business this way. You don't expect people you have to deal with to do business this way."

Said a nearby bystander: "You know the old saying: Sometimes the best deals are the ones you thought you'd made but didn't make because somebody weaseled out at the end."

Said fellow Burger King patrons: "Welcome back?"

Said Furcal: "I changed my mind. I didn't want a Quarter Pounder. I wanted a Big Mac."

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