Radio call of Kevin Youkilis’ first New York Yankees home run just what you’d expect from John Sterling

David Brown
Big League Stew

Get ready to shake your head with disapproval at the punning and rhyming of New York Yankees radio man John Sterling, who came up with a typically schlocky call for Kevin Youkilis' first home run in pinstripes. His blast against Doug Fister gave the Yankees a 3-1 lead in the fifth, but Youk's Yanks trail the Detroit Tigers in the late going Friday afternoon at Comerica Park.

Let Twitter tell the story of Sterling telling the story on WFAN of New York:

It's a nuke ... from Youk? And they say he is Kevin-sent? Sterling, you didn't. Oh, he did.

Watch a replay of Youkilis' homer with Sterling's odd call

Sterling has his fans on the Internet. Meanwhile, what did the masses on Twitter think about his call?

We should have come to expect this from Sterling, who has been doing this for years, as documented by WEEI in Boston. ("The Bronx's Vernon"?!) Another tweeter pointed out the timing of Sterling's metaphor might not be the best, with North Korea rattling off nuclear threats.

It's just like the War of the Worlds! And then this, which keeps it all in perspective:

Sterling obviously is an acquired taste. And if you're one of these people who bristles at the first sign of a pun, you're never going to like listening to Sterling. Like with this succinct response:

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