R.I.P., Jake Peavy-to-the-Cubs trade — you were a good friend

Jake Peavy remains dressed in camo, for now.

After weeks and weeks of tough negotiations that also included (approximately) every other team in Major League Baseball, the Padres did not trade Peavy to the Cubs.

Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune, after a shakedown for the change in his pockets, writes that the Peavy non-deal has become the Brian Roberts misadventure of this off-season.

Heck, who's to say that Roberts, this time around, wasn't part of the Peavy process?

Jim Hendry, by reports, was the one to back out, Padres' Personnel Poobah Kevin Towers says.

"The more Jim looked at it, the more he decided he wasn't going to do the deal," Towers said.

That could have been because Hendry didn't want to pay Peavy the $63 million still owed, or trade Mark DeRosa as part of the package, or maybe he just wanted to get on with his life.

Now, we all can do just that, until we get some juicy Peavy-to-the Yankees or Angels rumors.

Hendry plans to pursue Milton Bradley, or Bobby Abreu, or an outfielder of that nature.

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