Pure shock: Dodgers’ Dee Gordon gives best reaction ever to being called out at second base

David Brown
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Placed on the postseason roster for one reason, his speed, Dee Gordon of the Los Angeles Dodgers could not believe that umpire Bill Miller called him out at second base on a stolen-base attempt in the ninth inning Friday night. Whether it was because of confidence in his own running ability, or that Atlanta Braves catcher Gerald Laird's throw went in the dirt, or that there was "no way" infielder Andrelton Simmons — even him, the best in the business — could get a tag down fast enough, or some combination therein, Gordon was flabbergasted at the moment of truth.

And, in reaction, he made what forever will be known as Dee Gordon Face.

Too bad for the Dodgers, who fell 4-3 in Game 2 of the NLDS, but good for everyone else who got to see Gordon's shocked reaction. After the game, Gordon — though polite about it, via the Los Angeles Times — still disagreed with the call:

"I'm not going to harp on what he called, but I thought I was safe," Gordon said.

"I felt like everything was good. Simmons even blocked the bag and I felt like I got under it."

Gordon said upon returning to the clubhouse, he immediately watched video of the play. He said what he saw confirmed what he felt.

"In real life, I felt like he didn't tag me until I felt him hit my foot," Gordon said. "I was all over the base when that happened."

Is this real life? Manager Don Mattingly agreed with Gordon, though he also acknowledged that his view from dugout wasn't great. Teammate Adrian Gonzalez said replays were inconclusive, and depended on which angle you saw. Sometimes he looked out, other times, safe. Other times, neither.

Based on this screen shot, Miller appeared to get the call right — somehow — though few people, even after watching slow-motion video replays over and over, will ever be 100 percent certain that Gordon was out at second base. It's hardly conclusive; we don't know if it was the right call. But we should acknowledge that it wasn't a bad call. It might reinforce the coming revolution for robot umpires, but it's not like Miller's call should be used as evidence at the show trial. He did the best any human could do, and he might just have been right.

And the good news, all along, has been Dee Gordon Face.

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