Punch something: Ryan Sweeney, Angel Pagan injure hands in separate rage incidents

David Brown
Big League Stew

Back in the '80s, Time-Life ran some awesome but creepy commercials about a series of books it peddled called "Mysteries of the Unknown," which included a segment about an alleged psychic occurrence:

If they were to update these books after Monday night, the Time-Life editors might add another segment — "Ballpark Mischief"? — and include separate incidents of major-league ballplayers punching things and injuring their respective hands in the process.

Ryan Sweeney of the Red Sox and Angel Pagan of the Giants, welcome to the Punchy Club. First, via the Twitter of reporter Sean McAdam, Mr. Sweeney:

Later on, via reporter Andrew Baggarly:

One on each coast. How ... symmetrical. This is video of the play that preceded Sweeney's punch: A nice, diving stop by Omar Infante on a hard grounder in the eighth inning. Sweeney, who came over in the Josh Reddick trade (oops), isn't having a particularly great season, batting .260/.303/.373, which adds up to 40 points below his career OPS. Probably, his fist rage has been simmering a while.

Though he's having a slightly above-average season, Pagan also went raging (he's no Angel!) after going 0 for 3 with two strikeouts through six innings. Sure, the incidents happened roughly three hours apart, but that doesn't necessarily exclude Pagan from having some kind of psychic feeling about his hand ... and needing to injure it like Sweeney did.

Both players will undergo tests Tuesday to determine how much they injured themselves. If the teams were smart, they'd also do those psychic tests, like in "Ghostbusters" to see the amount of extra-sensory power either man has. It could help to do good next time, like with the hit-and-run and calling off teammates on defense.

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