The Albert Pujols statue now has a security guard


Though it appears that most St. Louis Cardinals fans are joking by saying they want to tear down the Albert Pujols statue in a fit of rage, the St. Louis restaurant it stands beside is taking no chances.

In the wake of the superstar defecting to the Los Angeles Angels for a 10-year, $254 million contract on Thursday, the Pujols 5 Grill has reportedly stationed a security guard outside near the statue of Pujols that it erected just last month.

The message is clear: Disappointed Cardinals fans may feel free to burn shirseys in their own driveways. But by Musial, they will not topple Pujols like a deposed Middle Eastern despot!

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

[The guard] stood outside, keeping an eye on the bronze depiction of Pujols pointing at the sky. Inside the restaurant, the operators were trying to take the superstar player's departure in stride, adding angel food cake to the menu in honor of the move to the Angels of Anaheim.

"I feel the same way I did when La Russa retired," said David Hanon, son of restaurant owner Patrick Hanon. "It's going to take a little bit of time to get over it."

The restaurant will stay, Hanon said.

"It's a sad day," Hanon said. "We're losing somebody we've loved for 11 years. (But) as long as his number stays 5, we'll stay here."

As we said in our post of the biggest winners and losers in the Pujols deal, it's hard to imagine many Cardinals fans will have an appetite to still support the restaurant. Especially when said restaurant was still being roundly panned on Yelp when ol' No. 5 was still hitting homers and winning World Series titles at Busch Stadium. Pappy's or Schlafly, it was not.

Then again, you never know. Get the right welder out there on the statue, overhaul the menu a bit and David Freese's No. 23 Ice Creamery could be St. Louis' next big thing.

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