Pucker up, buttercup! Lincecum gives woman her 'first kiss'

As we've documented before on the Stew, Tim Lincecum(notes) does a great job of accommodating a lot of fans at the ballpark. And if you search YouTube, you'll find a lot of autograph-signing clips, even if his San Francisco Giants are on the road in some place like Washington.

This situation, though, is unique. At a recent game, a female fan showed up at AT&T Park with a request for a birthday kiss that Lincecum obliged without skipping a beat.

You can't see it in the clip above, but you can read the girl's sign in this alternate-angle video.

It asks:

"Lincecum #55. Since I'm 21 now, wanna be my first kiss ... on the cheek?"

As the creepy video created by a different YT user demonstrates below, Lincecum probably has no shortage of Tiger Beat fans asking him to do the same wherever he goes.

Still, kudos to him for taking the time to make someone's birthday. Being baseball's resident Davy Jones to all the Marcia Bradys out there isn't an easy job, but someone has to do it.

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