Psst! Hey man, wanna buy some grass from Angel Stadium?

Not that kind of grass, buddy. Prop 19 is dead. This is a different sod story. We're talking about the real, live stuff from "The Big A," where the Los Angeles Angels play baseball.

For a reasonable $25 fee, fans can purchase an approximately 3-inch square of turf from the very major league field where they played the 81st All-Star Game. Reggie Willits(notes) might have walked on it, people!

The club plans to pull up the turf because Angel Stadium hosts Monster Truck and Motocross events in January. That's a lot of acreage the team doesn't want to be left holding. What to do, what to do? Sell the stuff, the Halos say.

Just buy it online (limit four squares) and head down to Angel Stadium from Dec. 12-14 to pick up the grass in a box commemorating the 50th anniversary of the team.

Other than a healed leg for Kendry Morales(notes), this is the ultimate holiday gift for any Angels fan.

The Orange County Register reports:

[P]roceeds benefit the Angels Baseball Foundation, which helps fund local and nationwide youth education and sports programs.

"Were anticipating selling 1,000 to 1,500 squares, hoping people will either replant it or keep watering it and keep it alive in the commemorative tray," said Robert Alvarado, vice president of marketing for the Angels.

That could net $37,500 for the foundation.

It's all legal, man! No prescription necessary. Conceivably, one could clone the grass and, from it, grow an entire replica "Big A." That would be awesome.

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