Prince Fielder and Ian Kinsler TV commercial predicted trade in 2010

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Anybody can make a trade in Major League Baseball, especially if you have "president/vice president/general manager" printed on your respective business cards like Dave Dombrowski of the Detroit Tigers and Jon Daniels of the Texas Rangers do. They pulled off a blockbuster Wednesday night, swapping Ian Kinsler for Prince Fielder and $30 million. What-ever.

What if you're sitting around in a leather sofa pit group next to a weird actor with a big head watching TV in somebody's living room, and you predict a trade without even trying hard, and it happens three years later?

That's pretty much what happened in a TV commercial featuring Kinsler, Fielder and non-golfer Adam Scott that promoted ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball in 2010. They're watching Tim Lincecum of the Giants on TV when Kinsler starts the conversation by posing what sounds like a fantasy baseball question:

Ian Kinsler: "Hey, Prince. What do you think about trading me for him (Lincecum)?"

Prince Fielder: "I don't know; maybe."

Kinsler: "But what if I give you: me and you for him?"

Fielder: (Mouth full of sandwich) "So I get us, and you get him?"

Kinsler: (Considers it) "Yeah."

Adam Scott: "Well, I wouldn't trade either of you guys for anything. So, there."

(Kinsler and Fielder look at Scott unimpressed)

Scott: "Was that weird? Did I just make it weird?"


It's a funny commercial, though it's hard to tell — with all of the personal pronouns flying around — whose team is whose and where Kinsler is suggesting everyone might get traded to. But when Scott says neither player should be traded — for anything — and they're sitting right next to each other not realizing they would be traded for each other in another three years, well, that was weird.

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