Prince Fielder chases a foul ball, rewards himself by swiping a fan’s nacho

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Tell the truth: If you were doing your job and it was past lunch time, then you happened to come face to face with a guy carrying a plate of nachos, you'd probably try to swipe one, wouldn't you?

We know Prince Fielder's answer. During Thursday's Seattle Mariners-Detroit Tigers game, Fielder gave chase to a foul ball down the right-field line, but the ball was just a few feet out of his reach.

As he hit the brakes near the stands, Prince got close enough to spy a fan's plate of nachos. At that point, Fielder had a decision to make. It was the fifth inning. This game had started right around lunch time. It was only one nacho. Should he try it? Heck, he's Prince Fielder, what Tiger fan would deny him a nacho?

So Prince went in for the swipe. He grabbed that delicious piece of tortilla chip and cheese, stuck it in his mouth and even wiped his face clean on his jersey as he jogged away.

Now, now America, before you lecture Prince Fielder for taking food out of a fan's mouth, let's think of the bigger problem Prince caused. Now we all want nachos.

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