Prince Fielder and Cecil Fielder have a cordial exchange in Miami

It's no secret that Prince Fielder and Cecil Fielder have had a rocky relationship over the years. Honestly, it's been difficult not to notice given how much of their ordeal has played out publicly. But it appears that father and son are on better terms now, as the two shared a handshake and exchanged pleasantries just prior to the Tigers game in Miami on Friday night.

According to Steve Kornacki of Fox Sports Detroit, even a simple exchange like a handshake at the ballpark wouldn't have been thought possible as recently as one year ago. That's how far the relationship had deteriorated despite reports last June that they were doing better.

Kornacki filled in some of the details of their relationship on Saturday.

Cecil told me last year that he wouldn’t attend any Tigers games because Prince “throws me out of the damned stadium.” Cecil said that happened several years ago when he entered a family room at Turner Field in Atlanta after watching Prince play for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Reports say that Cecil’s bitter divorce from Prince’s mother and gambling problems led to the father-son difficulties. Cecil said that it “hurt” to deal with the situation; however, it was evident on Friday night that the son welcomed his father, who won two American League home run crowns in Detroit.

Time heals all wounds, so hopefully we're seeing that enough time has passed for Prince and Cecil to make a serious attempt at repairing their relationship. At the very least, it would be great to see them remain cordial and on speaking terms.

It's not going to be an easy road, but every little step forward is a positive. This can definitely be counted as a step forward.

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