Potomac Nationals place mascot on 60-day DL after sustaining burns in recent ballpark fire

If we haven't seen it all yet, we must be getting pretty close.

The following excerpt is from a press release sent out by the Potomac Nationals (a single-A affiliate of the Washington Nationals) updating the status of their mascot, Uncle Slam, who sustained burns during a recent fire at Pfitzner Stadium, their home ballpark.

The Potomac Nationals have announced the following roster move:

Mascot Uncle Slam placed on 60-Day DL (retroactive to 7/4)

That currently puts the P-Nats at zero mascots which is under the Carolina League minimum of one mascot. Uncle Slam will miss the remainder of the season due to the fire at the Pfitz and is recovering but will be fully healthy for the 2013 season. Expect Uncle Slam in 2013 to be new and improved at the Pfitz with a brand new attitude!

Without taking too much fun out of the press release, I suppose we should be one hundred percent clear that the mascot costume sustained burns, not a human being. Otherwise we'd be reading a much less pleasant press release.

Nonetheless, if you know a good mascot that's recently out of work or looking for a new challenge, you might be doing him or her a great service by pointing them in the direction of Woodbridge, Virginia, where Potomac plays their home games. It's obvious they love their mascot there, and his temporary replacement will be well taken care of.

Any mascot willing to sign on for a two-month contract with the Potomac Nationals will be handsomely rewarded with baseball bucks, Chilli's Lemonade, Chick-Fil-A sandwiches and the chance to watch fireworks every Saturday night.

"Uncle Slam is a huge part of the Pfitz experience," General Manager Josh Olerud said in the release. "While we have to wait for the 2013 season for him to be 100 percent and back in the fold, we need someone to fill that void we are missing in our lineup."

You know, seeing as this is a Washington Nationals affiliate, I wonder if they've looked into the availability of a certain former Montreal Expos mascot.

I ask that understanding Youppi has slipped in pretty comfortably as the Montreal Canadians mascot, but there's no overlap between the NHL's regular season and minor league baseball. Unless the Expos are still a sensitive topic for Youppi, I say make the call. We'd all love to see him back at the ballpark for one last go round.

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