Postseason Papers: Woonsocket Rocket has his day in Fenway

Each October morning, the Stew will take a look at what they're writing about in the hometown papers of the postseason teams

Rocco Baldelli grew up as a Red Sox fan so when he crushed a three-run homer over the Green Monster last night it meant a little extra to him. [Tampa Tribune]

Matt Garza proved his doubters wrong last night by taking Game 3. [Tampa Tribune]

With Evan Longoria and B.J. Upton in the lineup, the Rays have a chance to be good for years to come. [St. Pete. Times]

The Rays have pounded the odds writes Gary Shelton. [St. Pete Times]

Dan Shaughnessy wants to know where the Red Sox mojo went. [Boston Globe]

Red Sox fans are getting restless with the struggling Jason Varitek. [Boston Globe]

Jacoby Ellsbury is struggling too ... he is 0-for-his-last-20. [Boston Globe]

Nobody knows how Game 4 starter Tim Wakefield will pitch tonight. [Boston Herald]

The Dodgers don't have enough pitching depth writes Bill Plaschke. [LA Times]

How many times will Joe Torre be second guessed for the decisions he made at the end of Game 4? [LA Times]

Shane Victorino and Matt Stairs -- two of the smallest guys on the team -- came through for the Phils last night. [LA Times]

Seven players got fined for the bench-clearing brawl on Sunday night. [LA Times]

Shane Victorino enjoys playing the role of the villain in Los Angeles. []

Acquiring Matt Stairs has paid off big for the Phillies. []

Chase Utley made several big defensive plays last night. []

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