Postseason Papers: Angels get off to an inauspicious start

Each October morning, Big League Stew will take a look at what they're writing about in the hometown papers of the postseason teams.

Despite a decent performance from the heart of their lineup, the Angels just can't shake the ghosts. [Los Angeles Times]

Arte Moreno says he's willing to spend more money to get the right players. [LA Times]

Jeff Mathis will be Ervin Santana's catcher again in Game 2. [LA Daily News]

Despite hitting a clutch two-run homer last night, Jason Bay still can't escape Manny's shadow. [Globe]

Jon Lester is Boston's best starting pitcher right now. [Boston Globe]

If Josh Beckett throws well during his side-session today, he should be ready to pitch on Sunday in Game 3. [Boston Herald]

All the pieces have fallen into place for the Rays this year. [Tampa Tribune]

Joe Maddon seems like an interesting guy. He proposed to his wife in a liquor store parking lot. [Tampa Tribune]

Evan Longoria can hit but everyone has been noticing his defense this season. [Tampa Tribune]

After years of waiting, the Tampa Bay area is finally going to find out what post-season baseball feels like. []

Troy Percival is going to be left off the Rays' post-season roster. []

Jim Thome and Alexei Ramirez have created unforgettable moments because of their home runs over the last few days. [Chicago Tribune]

Javier Vazquez says he's ready to take the mound today for the White Sox. [Chicago Tribune]

Bad news for Vazquez: Pitchers who have a losing record and start in Game 1 of a playoff series have historically not done well. [Chicago Tribune]

Carlos Quentin still isn't ready to come back from his wrist injury. [Sun-Times]

Mike Downey writes that the Cubs are just being the Cubs. [Chicago Tribune]

Lou Piniella says he would like to start Kosuke Fukudome every game during the NLDS, if he doesn't start hitting though, Piniella will probably change his mind. [Chicago Tribune]

Derek Lowe came up big for Los Angeles last night, becoming only the second pitcher to win a playoff game for the Dodgers in the last 20 years. Jose Lima in '04 is the other. [LA Times]

Bill Plaschke believes this is the beginning of a good October for the Dodgers. [LA Times]

The Brewers' defense still looks shaky. [JSOnline]

CC Sabathia says he is ready to go again on three days rest. [JSOnline]

Paul Hagen believes that the Phils must play better in order to keep winning. []

Which Brett Myers will show up tonight for the Phillies? []

Cole Hamels may be tough to define, but his performance yesterday wasn't. It was awesome. []

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