Postseason Anthem! The Giants get some support from the bluegrass world

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

I've often said the one area where Big League Stew really falls short is that we don't feature enough bluegrass music on the site. Think about it: Have you ever seen someone whaling away on a washboard and not had your day brightened? There's no way BLS wouldn't jump to the next level if Dave Brown starts bringing a juice harp to every Answer Man session.

Until then, we'll just have to enjoy this postseason anthem from Hot Buttered Rum, a great group of bluegrass musicians who are getting their inner Andy Bernard on in support of the San Francisco Giants. The video above is the NLCS version of "The Penannt" while the successful NLDS edition is embedded below. They're actually very good songs, especially if you're riding the Mumford & Sons bandwagon just as hard as you are the Giants. 

Previous postseason anthem: Ernie Harwell's "Tiger, Tiger",  Cardinals and Taylor Swift

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