Police charge man with terrorist bomb threat of World Series after tweets

David Brown
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Hilarious, except for the three people who died and the estimated 264 who were injured.

A man who made implied threats on Twitter about blowing up the Boston Red Sox during the World Series while referencing the Boston Marathon bombings reportedly has been arrested and charged.

Investigators say they were informed by the Metzinger’s former employers that he had been making threatening remarks on the social media site “Twitter.”

KMOV Channel 4 in St. Louis is among those reporting that Robert Metzinger of St. Louis is charged with making a terrorist threat, which is a misdemeanor. Thanks to @BestFansStLouis on Twitter — which archives awful tweets made by individuals who think they're speaking on behalf of the St. Louis Cardinals — we know what Metzinger said, here and here. He's out on $11,000 bond.

Deadspin has more on what Bobby Metzinger did before becoming unemployed:

The 30-year-old former PR professional was once highlighted by a St. Louis television station for having landed a job because of his social media skills. Though a native of the Midwest, he's also a Yankees fan who recently hopped on the Cardinals bandwagon.

Best guess is that Metzinger probably was joking, but apparently was so funny that absolutely nobody laughed. And yet, Metzinger wasn't done tweeting:

The situation might have died down otherwise, but then Metzinger sent another tweet on Friday that referenced an Offspring song about gun violence with the cryptic admonition that something was set to "go down very soon":

It's a good thing that authorities are checking out this neurosurgeon just to make sure.

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