Playoff anthem! 'This Team Do What It Does, It Do What It Do'

ARLINGTON, Texas — We've been compiling a few of the best playoff anthems for the past month, but it just occurred to me that we've never featured any Texas Rangers ditties.

Luckily for us, there's "This Team Do What It Does, It Do What It Do" by David Brashear of 1310 The Ticket. In terms of local flavor and sound, it's definitely the best song we've featured so far. Check out one of the lyrics:

"Though the subject and verb don't always agree/
What our manager say sounds damn good to me."

Makes you want to lean back on your barstool, close your eyes and tap your toe, don't it?

Brashear wrote the song before the ALCS against the Yankees and I'm unsure if it's been updated for the World Series. While I try to find out, check out a few more of the other Rangers anthems that are sweeping the Metroplex as Texas tries to even up the World Series.

Continuing with the country-western theme, here's the "Claw & Antlers Song" by The Rightfielders:

Then there's "Do The Claw" by Canton Jones, which they play at Rangers Ballpark when everything's going well. I'm not a big fan of this one, though ...

... at least it's not as brain-stickingly bad as this one.

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