Playoff anthem! Ernie Harwell’s ‘Tiger, Tiger’

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

With the Detroit Tigers on the brink of a sweep of Oakland in the ALDS, it's only appropriate we give them the next spot on our playoff playlist. The song: "Tiger, Tiger," penned by the late and legendary Tigers broadcaster Ernie Harwell during the World Series season of 1984. A Detroit jingle man and singer turned Harwell's words into a song and a local hit was born.

"Tiger, Tiger" is infectious in a "there's no way you're getting that out of your head" sort of way, but — and we apologize to Harwell here — the lyrics are, shall we say, a little lacking?

That's probably by design as the simplicity lets you learn the song quickly, but there's no reason we can't update it with lyrics that are more relevant to this year's team.

So our challenge to you, dear Stewies, is to write your own verse to the song and post it in the comments below. Winner gets a virtual Coney Dog.

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